Merdeces Insurance Scam

Hey, you. My name is Dan. I used to work at the biggest dealership in the country. And now I teach fine folks like you how not to get f•••ed when buying a car. Now, in this video, I want to talk about the how one Mercedes dealership scammed on insurance company. And there was so elaborate. It was work of art. And technically, they did not break any laws. That’s the best part. That is the best scam when you don’t even break any laws. So I found this video completely by accident on YouTube channel called Autoblog. You can check them out. Whole story. I’m going to just show you just a clip of what happened.

It is raining bad. I mean, this is worse than when we went to Columbus. Dr. MPRI got caught in the rain and his Aventador minutes pouring down, I can hardly see ahead of me.

A car just died.

What the hell? I can’t even hear the engine starting.

All right. So here we are. And the cars parked out here. Take it inside. And it’s going to be sitting inside the dealership.

So, yeah, I guess I’ll have to give you a quick little rundown on the story here. I was going to Harrisburg. And they’re telling me that the car hydro locked, so the engine is dead.

I mean, that’s the quickest rundown I can give you.

Like, you know, I didn’t want to make this phone call. You know, I mean, I love my car. I wish this wouldn’t have happened. But it is what it is. You know, I mean, the car’s dead or the truck to turn the engine manually, but they couldn’t.

So, you know, the diagnosis is that the engine is dead.

Ok. So this is pretty much what happened. He was driving in a car. Another course ran over a puddle, brought up a huge wave. His intake got flooded. Subsequently, he had a car which had hydro locked engines. So pretty much his engine got flooded with a little bit of water. A lot or a little. That’s not that. That’s not the question here. The biggest thing is his engine is now f•••ed up on the eighty nine thousand dollar Mercedes. That’s that’s that’s how much that thing cost. Can you believe that? Eighty nine f•••ing grand. Now let me show you exactly how the scam went down. They brought the car to the dealership. The dealership took it apart. Is looking at the engine, is looking at the filters, looking at the intake. And they are telling this guy, dude, your car is f•••ed. OK. Well, this guy has insurance. So he’s like, yo, you’re not dealing with me. You’re gonna have to deal with the insurance company because I have a contract with them that says, yo, if my s••• gets damaged. Insurance company, you’re supposed to pay for it. So there is insurance company that’s now taking care of the business about this car with Mercedes dealership. Mercedes dealership is still an insurance company. Yo. The car is f•••ed. You know, you’re going to have to pay. And we know you have a lot of money. You have a lot of it. In fact, you have it a limited amount. So get ready to be paid. Insurance companies like Yo. So what’s what’s going on? How much? How much is this going to be to fix it?

Mercedes dealership tells them it’s seventy one thousand dollars to replace the engine. Seventy one thousand dollars on the ninety thousand dollar car. Can you imagine that? So you’re telling me this is just between you and me? Let’s let’s let’s let’s have some common sense talk here. Ninety thousand dollar car. And the engine, the 70 f•••ing grand. Are you serious? Are you serious? So like on the Corvette, that’s whatever, 60, 70 thousand dollars the engine is fifty thousand dollars and the rest of the car is ten. You’re telling me that this whole engine is worth three times more than a car than everything else? Transmission, suspension. Electronics, exterior, interior, frame of the car, all the body parts. You’re telling me that the engine is worth more than everything else. Are you serious? Because dealership knows that insurance company has unlimited money. They know they can charge any amount for that engine. It could be ninety thousand dollars. It could be eighty eight. It could be fifty seven thousand dollars. That number is just pulled out of their ass. That’s seventy one thousand dollars. It’s not a real price of the engine. They just decided to quote insurance company at that price. It could be anything, anything they can think of. The reason they went with such a high price is because they know that with seventy one thousand dollar engine, they’re going to have to spend also 20 30. God knows how many tens of thousand dollars to install a new engine. By that time, it’s going to be more expensive to put a new engine into this car than the car is worth. And that is exactly what Mercedes dealership wants to happen.

They want to sell another car to the same guy with insurance money. That’s exactly what they’re going for. They know they can make another f•••ing sale of the same car to the same person with the money that insurance is going to pay for all their seen with this customer. Is it change to change should. That’s all they see. And this is how the scam went down. Insurance company has a limited amount of money. Dealership can charge in any amount of money to replace the. They charge them really f•••ing high. So insurance company is now forced to buy another car for this guy. Well, they’re forced to give this guy a check, which he’s going to turn around and buy the same car because he really likes that Mercedes. So, yeah, kind of cool. They didn’t even break in. You lost everything was one hundred percent legal. Everything was by the books. And this is why I will never, ever f•••ing buy a brand new car, ever. And I don’t care what brand is it. If it’s a Honda, Yoda or Mercedes or Ford, none of them, because dealerships and car manufacturers work hand-in-hand to take advantage of us, the customers, insurance companies and anybody else. They can scam for any amount of money. They will. Hey, if you enjoy this video, give me a thumbs up. Below and lick the subscribe button over my head or watch one of those two videos. If you want to see more money saving tips about cars. This is Dan with 60 minute car. I’m signing out and I’ll see you on the Internet.