European VS American Hybrid Car

Hey, my name is Dan, they used to work at the biggest dealership in the country and now I teach find folks like you how not to get f•••ed when buying a car. Now in this video, I want to talk to you about hybrids. I’m not sure if I could say this word without punching something, but I did it. Let’s talk about hybrids and why you should not buy a hybrid and why you should not go with the hype of buying a hybrid and why your CO2 emissions will not really be reduced by any significant amount. And the worst part is your MPG are not as great as you’re thinking. So let me show you a couple of cars that you’re probably looking at.

If you’re looking for a hybrid, you’re probably looking for a Toyota Prius. Maybe you’re talking about something else. But let’s talk about Toyota Prius, because he has the biggest history of being a hybrid, that Toyota has the most experience of building hybrid cars. And the car is just out there so much that whenever you’re thinking about a hybrid car, Toyota Prius is what you’re thinking about in America.

On average, this car will get fifty five miles to a gallon. And that’s pretty interesting. That’s pretty interesting considering that in Europe is going to get 88 miles to a gallon. And that’s not the best car that you can get in Europe. Here, let’s take a look at some of the cars that are available in Europe. Alfa Romeo, 2.2 turbo. This thing is actually pretty cool. It’s 2.2 turbo. It’s not just some slow, barely moving Prius. A hundred and twenty seven miles to your gallon. Did your job just f•••ing drop? Are you mind blown? Because if you’re not, I don’t know. What the f••• have you been missing? Hundred twenty seven miles per gallon. But that’s their best. That’s their best. Let’s see what we actually get. Just as a regular guy in Europe, let’s say we’re want to be really f•••ing friendly for the environment and we’re pinching them pennies like a motherf•••ing Jew. Let’s do this. Renault’s Cleo 1.5 D.C.I. Eighty eight miles to a gallon. Neeson Micro 1.5 D.C.I. Eighty eight miles to a gallon. Prius Eighty seven miles to a gallon. Ford Focus 1.5 D.C.I. Eighty five miles to Agung. Another Ford Focus. Eighty five miles to the gallon. Another Alfa Romeo. Eighty three miles to a gallon. Re not eighty one miles to a gallon. Another Renault’s eighty one miles to a gallon. f•••ing key. At 81 miles J. Young like Kiya is getting 50 percent more miles to a gallon than the Toyota Prius. So why am I telling you not to buy these f•••ing produces these volts or whatever? Honda Insights.

Why? Because they’re not giving you the best possible cars that they can give you. In Europe, people are getting cars that are getting 80 miles to a gallon. Over 80. Eighty five. Eighty seven. Eighty eight miles to a gallon here in America. We’re getting fifty five. What the f•••? Why would I give my money to a company that’s giving me a second hand car? They’re giving me just an okay car. Why would they go to a five star steakhouse or there a hundred dollar steak and be given a f•••ing hot dog? Why are you okay with this? That’s kind of what blows my mind. You’re gonna pay a s••• ton of money. You’re gonna pay twenty five thirty five thousand dollars for a hybrid car that’s going to save you money and you’re going to get just an average car. You’re not going to get anything amazing. You’re gonna get just an okay car. Well, why didn’t you just buy a used car that somebody else paid full price for? And you’re going to get the same car for 50 percent? Why not do that? Why go out and buy a brand new car? I don’t understand. If you’re trying to be friendly for the environment, going out and buying the used car is the smart thing to do. Not only financially, it’s not only good for your pocket, it’s not only good for your family finances, it’s good for the environment because that car has been made. Those poisonous lithium batteries. Yeah. Lithium batteries. Yeah. They’re not good for you. They’re not good for the environment.

Check out some of the video, some documentaries about how you will actually get f•••ing poisoned and die by working in these just horrific environments where people are forced to work because they are living in third world countries and they can’t do anything else. They don’t have f•••ing McDonalds or Walmart that’s going to hire them. So they are forced to work with these poisonous environments to get batteries for us so we can be environmentally friendly. f••• those motherf•••ers. I got my charteris in line. Perfect. Let’s do this.

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