European VS Japanese Cars Quality

Hey, my name is Dan. I used to work at the biggest dealership in the country and now I teach fine folks like you how not to get f•••ed when buying the car. If you watched my previous video, you probably realized that I can not stand European cars. I have passionate hate for car manufacturers that put out s••• cars, which just pretty much every single European brand in America. But why do we need them? Here’s why. Because if there is no market competition, if nobody’s pushing on Toyota, Honda, just on Asian brands, if nobody’s making them, Asians get super f•••ing smart and make great cars. Guess what’s going to happen to their cars? They’re going to turn to s•••. How do you like customer service from Verizon, Comcast, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram? They’re pretty s•••, actually. Comcast or X-15? Some places. It’s the same company. Or Verizons has the s•••tiest customer service that there is on f•••ing earth. I mean maybe in Russia it’s worse, but in America they’re the worst. Why are they so bad? Why are they telling their customers to go f••• themselves every single time you call them? Because they’re so f•••ing huge. They have so much goddamn money that they can afford to lose you as a customer. And you obviously sign that contract, you know? That that that’s also a thing.

But because they make so much money and nobody’s competing with them, they have literally no competition. Who is there to compete with Exfil City? Not very many companies. Who is there to compete with Comcast? Not very many companies. Who is there to compete with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram? Literally nobody. That’s why they dominate. That’s why they treat their customers. So that. That’s what their products are kind of termed. That’s why if YouTube, for example, doesn’t like your videos, they’ll tell you to go f••• yourself and they’ll just shadowbanned you. Or like Instagram can shadowbanned people Facebook. Also shadow people. Twitter. If somebody doesn’t like you. Well, you’ll get banned. If somebody on Twitter, one of the employees or whatever you’re saying just doesn’t like you. You’ll get banned just like that. The reason we absolutely have to have German cars, even though they’re really s•••ty, even old Italian cars that are absolutely horrific and quality. The reason we need European cars, we absolutely have to have uneducated people by them is so there’s pressure on Asian car manufacturers. That’s the only reason. However, you as an educated customer, you’re watching this channel. I mean, you’re in here for a reason. You’re here to get educated. And I really want to give you as much useful information as possible. You know, now that you should be buying 3, 4, 5 year old cars for half the price of what? Original MSFC was with all the cool bells and whistles and awesome features and options that cars have to offer.

That’s why I teach what I teach. I teach people how to get the best possible deal. I teach people before you’re going to go to the dealership. Please do your research. If you don’t do your research, you will get f•••ed so hard you will lose thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. Never a person in America will buy twelve cars in their life from 18 until they die at seventy nine years old. They’re going to have twelve cars. They will lose about seven thousand dollars on each car. Seven times twelve. Let me do the math here. That’s a s••• ton of money. That’s a s••• ton of f•••ing money. That’s eighty four grand. I don’t know how about you, but in my book, 74 grand is the s••• on the money. You can safe’s eighty four grand just by knowing how to properly buy cars. Simple as that is. Eighty four grand. A lot of money for you. If it is, you should probably learn how to buy cars because if you don’t, you’re gonna lose that money. That’s what I teach, what I teach. That’s why nobody else in the country does what I do, because nobody else can go f••• the dealership and teach people how to buy cars and save a bunch of money and get out of U-shape in less than 60 minutes.

Most car reviewers are second dealerships dicks. Most auto bloggers are car bloggers or whatever you want. The hell you want to call them are sucking car manufacturers dicks. Because if they won’t if they won’t give good car reviews, you know what’s going to happen. Ford is going to tell him shave. He’s going to tell them is going to tell. Will you go ahead and f••• yourself? I have plenty of other f•••ing nerds with cameras that can review our cars and give us five stars. Why would we give you a car to review when you’re only going to give us two stars? Why the hell would we would do that? And that’s why you can trust. Majority of car of yours. Ninety nine percent of them are useless. Hey, if you enjoyed this video, give me a thumbs up. Below and click to subscribe. Button over my head or watch one of those two videos. If you want to see more money saving tips about cars. This is Dan with 60-minute car. I’m signing out and I’ll see you on the internet.