Cars To Avoid In 2020

Hey, my name is Dan. I used to work at the biggest dealership in the country. Now I teach find folks like you how not to get f•••ed when buying a car. Now, in this video, I want to talk to you about cars that you should skip in 2019. Brand new cars. My first suggestion is don’t buy brand new cars. They will depreciate by 50 percent in three years by a three year old, one for half the price. However, if you just won the lottery or you hate cash and you’re thinking about buying a brand new car, these are the cars that you should stay the hell away from. No one Audi, E Tron, actually all electric vehicles over forty thousand dollars. Why? Because in a couple of years. Twenty twenty one and beginning of twenty twenty one or end of twenty twenty. A company Treyvion is coming out or they’re ready. Have the actual trucks. They’re just going to be starting and putting them into production are one S and R one T. It’s electrical SUV, an electric truck.

These things are abso f•••ing lutely. Amazing. There is no other electric car that you should buy over forty thousand dollars. Except these ads. How f•••ing good they are. And I hate electric cars. I have passionate hate for them. And I’m recommending these to look into them like literally listen to me and look into them. They’re f•••ing amazing. Seven hundred fifty and a hundred horsepower could have something to do with the reason they like them. Yeah. Kind of cool, huh? Now, second vehicle, 2019. Ford Ranger. I actually made a video about this 2013. Ford Ranger. I’m going to put link down below. This motherf•••er here, this piece of s••• has been catching on fire in Australia. They had to recall 50 to 60 thousand units. I don’t remember. I think is somewhere around 60000 thousand units that they had to recall. You know what they’re doing now? They’re pedaling this s••• over here in America. And because, you know, Americans can’t read f•••ing newspapers, King can’t Google s•••. I have to do it. I’m not I’m being a little sarcastic here. Don’t get too angry at me, but come on. The share was recalled. Sixty thousand units of them in Australia because they’re catching on fire. Now, everybody here praising them. Not a single car reporter, not a single car reviewer mentioned this, not one. Next one, Volvo and Jaguar. They were s••• to begin with, but Volvo was sold to a Chinese company. Now it’s going to be made in China and it’s going to have Chinese quality control. You can only imagine what kind of car that’s going to be.

It was s•••. Now it’s going to be made in China. I mean, I have nothing else to say. Jaga War now it’s owned by Indian company. Again, same thing which we’re Chinese. It’s called by a company that’s called TalkTalk. Ha ha ha. That’s the name of the f•••ing company that owns Jaguar. If that’s not enough of a reason for you not to buy Jaguar, then maybe they really ability will have something to tell you. Buy a car, lose twenty thousand dollars in repairs over five, 10 years and then talk to me next one. 2019, hon. Dime Molester and I’m sorry, Voll. Lester. I keep getting confused. They’re so close. The reason I tell you to stay away from this car in 2019 is because they have a two liter turbo charged engine that’s making 130 horsepower per litre, which is f•••ing amazing. Well then, if it’s so amazing, why shouldn’t they buy it? Because it’s only making two hundred fifty horsepower and their premium edition is making two hundred and seventy horsepower. That is complete bulls•••. They have an excellent engine. From what. From the research I have done. From the information I have collected. They have an excellent engine, but it’s extremely underpowered. That’s like having Michael Phelps swimming at like a baby speed instead of having discard 350 and 400 horsepower like they should have. Like they should have. You know what? They did this slow this motherf•••er way down to the average, you know, hatchbacks, horsepower, which on average is to 50 to 70.

What kind of bulls••• is this? And something else. They invited a guy from BMW M Sports to help them to develop this car and they still end up with 250 horsepower. Are you f•••ing serious? Are you f•••ing serious? The reason I’m telling you not to buy this is because they could have had this, but they gave you this. But they’re charging you. Thirty thousand dollars. Thirty thousand dollars for this s•••. Thirty f•••ing grand. Yeah. Once two years. Three years, four years later it’s gonna cost, you know, twelve fourteen fifteen thousand dollars. Yeah. You can buy it but not when it’s costing you thirty. Dollars for 250 horsepower hatchback. Way too much. Next one. Honda Passport. I know some of you are hating on me already after Honda. But let’s get real. I made a video about this and you have seen it and maybe you even give me a thumbs, thumbs down. Maybe you gave me a little bit of disliking. That’s totally cool. That is totally cool. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type of person to say, oh, you’re a hater. The reason I say stay away from this car is because it’s just like a pilot. It’s made on the pilot platform. Pilot engine, pilot transmission. It’s 6 inches shorter. It’s only 6 inches shorter, which is about this much. That’s not a lot. You know, in other places it might be a lot. And they removed third row seating. So it’s shorter. It has only two rows instead of three rows.

So it’s a five passenger car instead of eight passenger car. You know how much cheaper it is removing extra space from the car? You would think you’ll be significantly cheaper. No, it’s only fifteen hundred dollars less from the research I have done right now, from what I have seen. Passport based model is going to be thirty thousand dollars, maybe 30 and a half or so. And the pilot, again, the base model is thirty one point five thirty one and a half thousand dollars. So why would I buy a passport when it’s giving me less room? It’s removing extra seats when I can buy a pilot for just fifteen hundred dollars more or a thousand dollars more. Why would they do that? Passport just doesn’t make sense. It just doesn’t. You’re paying a little bit more. Just a thousand or twelve or fifteen hundred dollars more. This much more. And you’re getting three extra seats and more room in the back. It just doesn’t make any sense with this Honda Pilot. If it was twenty eight thousand dollars, twenty seven thousand dollars, then we can talk. But for thirty thousand dollars? No, no, not not enough. Not enough. Not enough. Next one 2019 Lexus you x. The reason I’m saying don’t buy this car is first it wasn’t tested. It’s a brand new model. Let somebody else test it for you. All right. Let them buy it. Let them test it. Then you can buy it. If they didn’t f••• something up on this car. Go ahead and buy it.

But buy it as a used car. Because this car reminds me of C T two hundred H. It’s a cheap car from Lexus. It’s a piece of s•••, really cheap plastic car from Lexus. It was like Toyota Corolla with Lexus badge Toyota Corolla for 18 grand. Or this piece of s•••. Two 200 H thirty two thousand dollars. Lexus CE 100 H was a really cheap thing car. I can’t even call a car was so s•••ty. A vehicle from Lexus. Now they have this. It’s exactly the same thing. It’s Lexus, but it’s really cheap really. It’s a Toyota with a Lexus badge and white Lexus price. So if you’re going to be spending 30 f•••ing grand on the car, why in God’s name would you buy this turd? Right here where you can go out and buy yourself to three year old Lexus R6 350. Why would you buy this s••• here? Like, I don’t understand when you see luxury car manufacturers making small, cheap cars.

Stay the f••• away from that s••• because they’re trying to bank on people’s stupidity. Oh, it’s a Lexus. It must be good. It’s infinity. It must be good. It’s a cheap Mercedes. It’s must be good. No. If it’s small and cheap, it’s small and cheap and should be sold at the price that is small and cheap. Not ridiculous prices that they are selling this s••• for. If it was twenty thousand dollars, you would not hear me complain. If it was twenty five thousand dollars. You would not hear me complain. What was there selling this ship for astronomical prices? Just because it has a Lexus badge on it? No, no. Lexus. Go f••• yourself. Especially with Lexus. Plus program that you’re offering. f••• you. Next one. Oh God. Infinity Q 16. I have a love hate relationship with infinity. I love them because they make good cars and they hate them because they promised us excellent cars. That’s like you paying for a 50 dollar steak, but you’re getting a $30 steak. And that’s how I feel about infinity. They offer us amazing cars. You’ve got a full court. Just beautiful. Amazing. You know what they’re promising on this car?

Somewhere around 500 horsepower. Five hundred horsepower. Are you f•••ing kidding me? This thing needs to have six, seven or six fifty at minimum, six hundred sixty is what they should be aiming for. Six hundred fifty six hundred sixty six hundred seventy even better. Seven hundred horsepower.

That’s what this should be. Not somewhere around five hundred. You’re going to be offering extra horsepower. Okay. Well then put it how it’s supposed to be. Make it 650 horsepower. Make it something that when I buy this Infiniti I’m, I can brag about this. I can’t brag at five hundred horsepower because then the guy that bought a 400 horsepower is gonna be like yo you paid. How many how many. Thousands of dollars more for only one hundred horsepower. Like you may think or a hundred horsepower. That’s a lot. No it’s not a lot for something that’s revolutionary for something that they’re making. They’re trying to say that’s amazing. You can’t pass off a $30 steak as this 50 or 60 or 70 dollar steak. You can’t be doing that. And here’s something else. What really pisses me off about infinity is they know they’re competing with me, son GCR. If I’m about to spend 70 grand on the sports car, there is only one car to buy me son. GCR because everything else is complete garbage. You son G.T. your first. It’s reliable as f••• because it’s it’s a Nissan GCR and number two, it’s fast. This small f•••er is fast. Dodge’s Ford’s Shavitz, this stupida••infinite UK-EU 60 that they’re doing. Mercedes BMW outis can suck my dick when I’m rolling in a GCR if you couldn’t tell.

I’m a little g tr fanboy. Not only fanboy, but I am standing behind the cart. That is truly amazing. Like I am rooting for this car because truly it’s the best. I don’t even like 100 percent how it looks. I think it looks kind of weird. You know, it has a big fed, but it has a weird front and there’s a weird line from the front to the back. It just looks kind of weird. It looks like he got stung by a bee or something, but the car is f•••ing amazing, whether you like it or not. You can’t deny this motherf•••er is fast is fast. If you’re gonna be buying a sports car, if I’m going to go out and buy myself on eighty thousand or seventy five thousand dollars, this this infinity. And I’m competing with the Nissan GCR. Yes, it’s a use GCR. I know it’s used, but it’s still it’s a f•••ing Gizzi are two point nine seconds zero to 60. All wheel drive. I can take this car. How it is on the track and embarrassed Ferrari’s Lambreaux Bentleys just put him to shame. Come on, inf.. This thing better come out with at least 600 horsepower.

Another car that you should stay away from. Is this right here? 2019, a hot day next fall. This thing is absolute garbage. I know this video might be a little long. I’m sorry, but really, you need to hear this. So this is how this. Oh, my God. I have so much hate for this car, even though I love you. I love Honda. I have hate for this car. They take coal, turn it into electricity, make hydrogen. Put the hydrogen in the car to make electricity. To make the car go. Are you confused enough? You’re not. OK. Let me confuse you some more. They take up their hydrogen from the compressed tank that you’re going to put it this into your car. Mix it with air to make electricity, to make the car go. Are you still confused? OK, perfect. That was my point. Why the f••• are they doing this? This thing is like a it’s like a party trick. That is cringy performed by David Blaine. First, nobody wants to see it. And second, stop advertising it. This thing is garbage. This thing, it has twenty five percent efficiency rate. That’s how bad it is. And that’s only from hydrogen to electricity. I am not even comparing it from coal where a ridge where the actual power source is coming from.

If you compare this from coal to electricity that the car produced, you’ll have 90 percent loss. You have only 10 percent efficiency. What kind of garbage is this? I actually sat down for about two hours and did the actual f•••ing research on this. This car will drive on the hydrogen that you put into a tank that then will later be converted into electricity. Three hundred fifty six miles. Interesting considering that it only used twenty five percent of the energy available now. Three hundred fifty six. Multiply that by four. What are we at twelve hundred miles from? From the same amount of energy. If they only used the hydrogen directly into the combustion engine, they would get three to four times better gas mileage instead. If they’re doing this stupid US party trick that nobody’s asking for. They’re taking hydrogen that they made using the electricity that they made using coal. And then they’re pretending this is green f•••ing energy. First, it’s not green and renewable energy because you used f•••ing coal to make electricity, to make hydrogen, to make electricity again. Why wouldn’t you use this electricity that you have in the first place? Oh my god. I I can’t even hongdae get your s••• together.

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