How To Beat The Car Dealers

Hey, my name is Dan. I used to work at the biggest dealership in the country and now I teach. Fine folks like you how not to get f•••ed when buying a car. In this video, I want to talk to you about the best way to beat the dealer. Actually, no. The only way to beat the dealer. The only way you can beat a car dealer is being 100 percent prepared before you go to a dealership to pick up your car. Not to buy your car, but to pick up your car. Don’t buy cars at the dealership. And here is reason why. When you’re in the dealership, you’re negotiating. Power goes down. Your power of choosing a car goes down because from the very beginning, when you step your foot into a dealership, unless you are there to pick up a car salesman, are going to take control of your time, take control of your finances, take control of your decision making, take control of you. I mean, it sounds kind of crazy, but that’s what they do. Salespeople are taught. They spent hours and hours and hours and hours, weeks and months and years learning how to take control of the customer and make the customer do what they want. That’s the whole point of a salesperson. You don’t encounter salespeople at the pizza place. You don’t because there’s a pizza.

There’s you just buy it, pay for it. That’s it. Only for some reason. In cars, maybe your real estate agents. Also, you have to get convinced to go and buy what you’re going to go out and buy anyways. The reason why is because the profit on these cars is absolutely insane. And dealerships are trying to squeeze every single penny out of you. I seen the dealership recently that charges thirteen hundred dollars for a dealership fee. Thirteen hundred dollars. Thirteen hundred dollars. I seen another dealership that charges $700 for a dealership fee. What do you do when dealerships tell you you have to pay a dealership fee? You show them this right here. Go f••• yourself. I’m not paying that. But you can’t do that. Once you’re in the dealership. Why? Because you’re on their turf. They have control of the situation. Have you ever felt peer pressure salesmen hovering over you, making sure that you sign everything, making sure that you do everything how they want it? Making sure that you give them your driver’s license. They’re going to find out where you live, how much you make, what you’re trading, how long you had this car for. Is this a rental? Did you get into a car accident? They’re going to find out all of that because that’s their job. Their job is to take as much money away from you as possible.

You can’t really blame them. It’s like blaming, you know, Wainstein for doing Wainstein. That’s what he does. That’s like blaming a scumbag for being a scumbag. He’s a scumbag. That’s what salespeople do. They try to fool you and get you into a position where you have no control. The only way you can retain control is by knowing what the dealership is doing is by knowing how it operates and by knowing what to do is by being prepared. For example, don’t ever go to a Jewish shop without preparing your own finances, ever. The best place to prepare your financing is that the credit union or a bank? I prefer credit unions because they give me lower interest rates. When you’re thinking about negotiating the best place to negotiate, if it is from a position of power, how to be in the position of power with the dealership. It’s very, very, very simple. You just have to have a lot of dealerships. That’s it. How do you choose yourself? A best wife or best husband? You have a lot of options. Was there’s only one. And he’s a fricking drunk or an idiot. The choices are kind of hard to make. But once there’s a hundred dealerships, was there is a hundred options. It’s so easy for you to choose the truly best one.

And I teach my students to find a car. I don’t just teach them to find the best car. Finding a good car is the easiest part. The hardest part is finding a good dealership that’s responsible, that’s looking to make money, not f••• around. When they see a dealership that’s telling me I’m not going to give you price over the phone. I’m not going to email you the best possible price. My dealership fee is seven hundred dollars and I’m not going to get rid of it even though I’m making three or four thousand dollars on the car. That’s not very responsible, is it? What does that dealership telling me? I don’t care about your time. I don’t care about your money. I don’t respect you as a customer. You can go f••• yourself. I have so many customers lined up out the door. Then you know what I don’t have time to talk to. I’m just gonna hang up the phone. I’m sorry, dude. We have so many f•••ing customers. We have more customers than we have cars. That’s how I get treated every single day. But you know why I get the best possible deal? Because at the end of the day. At the end of the day. I know I’m the only customer they have for that car. I know that car is going to get bored by me because I have a better position than they do.

I’m in a position of power. I have a hundred other dealerships. If they don’t like me, I’ll buy that car somewhere else. If those guys don’t like me, I’ll buy the same car somewhere else. There’s tens of thousands of these cars. I’m not a buying a Ferrari, 250 GIGO. I’m not buying a forty million dollar car. Not yet. I’m not. Most cars that we work with is between 30 and seventy thousand dollars. That’s what we work with. There is s••• on the cars. You want the truck that has specialty equipment. You know how many trucks there are like that in the country? I s••• on this is not the only truck. Just because you saw it somewhere once, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to appear somewhere else again. Always go for the best deal. You have to be in control of the sales process. And that’s what I teach my students. When somebody gets into a course with us, they learn how to go through the sales process without bulls•••, how to be in control of the sales process. How do you stop wasting time and get down to the business instead of viewership? Be in control. You have to be in control. You gotta be asking the questions.

You have to be asking the questions about the title, about availability, about their finances, about their dealership fees, all that s•••. You have to be asking questions. There’s literally a list of questions that you have to go through with the dealership to find out what you are looking for. Do they have it? That’s it. If they don’t have it. Next, they don’t have it. Next, they don’t have it. Next couple of days of work up one weekend and you’re going to get yourself the best possible deal in the country. You’re going to save yourself thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. When we teach our students to buy cars, we teach them to buy cars almost online. The people who get sent to their house, the cars being inspected by professional pre-purchase inspector. I don’t know how to read odometers. If they have been rolled back. I’m not a computer. I’m not a human computer. I don’t have a spiritual connection to the car. I always do pre-purchase inspection on my cars unless it’s a really cheap car. Then I can kind of take the risk. But spending one hundred twenty dollars on pre-purchase inspection is nothing. One of the most important things that we teach our students is very simple how to buy a car that holds its value and has the most possible options on it.

That’s it.

That’s that’s pretty simple. How do you do that? How do you buy a car that you drive 3, 4, 5, 6 years later and you can sell it for almost the same price that you bought it for? How do you buy a car that at the end of the relationship with the car once you sell it? I mean, it’s almost like a relationship. That car costs you one hundred fifty two hundred, maybe two hundred fifty dollars a month. How do you do that? How do you drive a Lexus for two hundred dollars a month? How do you drive a 2016 Ford F-150 platinum for less than three hundred dollars a month? How do you do that? You have to be educated. You have to be skilled up. This is a skill that you have to have in your life. You’re going to be driving cars. This is not like a one time thing. This skill you’re going to have for rest of your life, as long as you drive cars. You’re going to have it. Your kids, your family, your relatives are going to know about it and why they’re going to know about it, because you’re going to tell them. My will is somebody buys this cause and they spread this thing like a motherf•••er. They spread it like herpes in a good sense, of course. But if you want to share this with somebody, please do it. If you want to put it onto DVD and. Send it throughout your city, please do it. I want you to do it, the more control we have as car customers, the more money we’re gonna be able to save, the less controls. Dealers have, the more money we’re going to save. And I’m all about saving that money. Hey, if you enjoyed this video, give me a thumbs up below and link to subscribe button over my head or watch one of those two videos. If you want to see more money saving tips about cars. This is Dan with 60 minute car. I’m signing out and I’ll see you on the Internet.