Best Cars For $5K

Top Ten Best Cheap Car in 2020

When looking for the ideal cheap car, one with cool cues like carplay and android auto, rear cross traffic alert, comfortable seats, and infotainment, not to mention impeccable safety features, fuel economy, and 3+ star crash test results; don’t settle for the first cheap car you find, dig deeper. Whether you are the first time or you are adding a new car model on your fleet, it is essential to look for car that is fun to drive and fuel economy. Imagine driving 2020 hyudai ioniq electric cars with EPA rated fuel economy of 150 mile per gallon while cruising in the city.

The problem comes in when you find cars like 2020 Hyundai, 2020 Kia forte, ford fiesta, and Kia soul with all important features you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s exceptional crash test results, state-of-the-art standard features, all wheel drive, or rear cross traffic alert system apple carplay and android, you will find more than one car with such specs. That’s where you move a notch higher and consider the price incentives for each affordable car. Compare the starting prices and the base prices of each car and go for the one that will save you the most both during purchasing and in the long run. Electric cars will be the best option. They are fun to drive with an extremely low mile per gallon gas consumption.

What is the point of spending $36000 on a car while you can get a new more affordable car that offers the same comfort at a pocket-friendly rate? Before you go fishing, it is vital to understand that it’s all about the value of your dollars and the environment, too, so you should probably choose electric cars. They are also the best cars for teens and fun to drive.

Here is the list of the top ten affordable cars built with advanced safety features and fuel economy engines.

1. 2020 Nissan Versa Sedan

Over the years, the Versa model has always been the cheapest but fun to drive cars in America. However, the 2020 verse design is a little expensive due to its hi-tech features. Before you look for a dealership, the new-fangled 2020 design has additional standard features such as a powerful engine in comparison to its predecessor; it is fuel economy-30 to 35 miles per gallon and spacious. The 2020 Nissan versa Sedan is configured with keyless entry, power windows, and top-rated safety features. The average base price of the car in the market is $ 18, 393.

2. 2020 Subaru Impreza

If you are looking for the cheapest compact cars, 2020 Subaru Impreza is the deal. Before you start looking around, you need to understand that it has a seamless fuel-efficient engine, and it is designed with an all-wheel drive. 2020 Subaru Impreza has an excellent track record; it among the top-rated vehicle by most insurance companies.

It is designed with the latest technology and Starlink infotainment system that has a 6.5 screen touch configured with Bluetooth, Android Auto, and Apple Carplay are standard features. Among other notable features are adaptive cruise control, collision warning, automatic front brake, and lane departure. The market price of the Impreza is $18,695.

3. 2020 Kia Forte

Are you looking for an affordable car with a spacious trunk, advanced technology, apple carplay infotainment system, and designed impressive interior upholster seats? Kai 2020 has everything that you are looking for; it is fuel economy with 40 miles per gallon on a highway. This high-performance vehicle comes with two engine options, either a turbocharged 1.6 liters four-cylinder that has a 201 horsepower or 2.0 liters four-cylinder that has 147 horsepower. 2020 kai Fotre comes with new GT trim and a wireless charging pad as standard features.

4. 2020 Hyundai Accent

2020 Hyundai accent is an exterior designed sleek styled that has retained its safety features and crash test ratings from its predecessor. The heart of the latest Hyundai in the market range from 130hp 6-speed to 120hp. The base automatic transmission allows the turbocharged engine to be controlled while steering. The engine spec of the model comes with 16 valves, 4cylider, 120 miles per gallon, and variable auto transmission. Unlike Subaru, Hyundai is known as a four-door sedan. Its base price is $ 16, 816

5. 2020 Chevy Spark

If you are looking for a car that is offering a sweet deal in 2020, the new Chevy Spark has everything that you want. The car provides seamless car technology that suite your needs. It is not only fuel efficient but also fun to drive. Its 4-Door hatchback puts the Chevy Sparksin same class with the likes of the Mitsubishi Mirage, Kai Rio, and Honda Fit.

Chevy Spark comes at the same base price, just like the 2019 model, it is the cheapest car in the market. The starting price is $14, 471 while the dealers are offering at $ 15,195. Its powertrain warranty is six years while basic warrant 3years

6. Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze continuous to retains its glory in the market. It remains to be one of the sleek, stylish models with upscale interior material and safety features. Chevrolet Cruze offers plenty of standard features that are suitable for the tech-savvy.

It is designed with an elegant cabin and seats are covered with fabric leather. Apart from being cheap and fuel-efficient, the upcoming model comes with a standard turbocharged engine. With its new features, the 2020 Chevrolet Cruze is in the same league with models such as Impala and Malibu automakers. The automaker base price is $16, 410.

7. 2020 Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris, with its new, improved standard features, it is more loveable. Irrespective of the body style-hatchback or sedan, it is redesigned with impressive features such as apple carplay, forward collision warning, high 7-inch screen, and a classic cabin.

It ranked as the ideal subcompact car in 2020, with its four-cylinder engine, it retains its fuel efficient status. It family-friendly and offers a comfortable drive. The automaker prices start from $ 15,650.

8. Chevrolet Sonic

The 2020 Chevrolet sonic retains its stylish standard features. For tech enthusiasts, this is the best and affordable compact car. The model of Chevrolet Sonic available is either hatchback or sedan. This new model is spacious, and the seats are leather-covered.

It is among the least of the top fuel efficient model in the market. Why Chevrolet Sonic? This make comes with air conditioning, Android Auto smartphone connectivity, adjustable seats, heated steering wheel, 7-inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay, and audio control features.

Also, Chevrolet Sonic has safety features such as lane departure warning and forward collision warning. On the road, it offers a fun-drive experience. Not only three years limited basic warrant but also six years powertrain warrants. The starting price of this model is $16, 720.

9. 2020 Kai Rio

2020 Kai Rio comes with a lot of new things in the market. While on the road, 2020 Kai Rio offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Its unique features such as traffic alerts, a four-cylinder engine, motor-driven power steering, speed auto transmission make to the car to offer high performance.

It is built with safety features such as LED headlights, and collision avoidance. 2020 Kai Rio crash test scores are six out of ten. This 2020 model is an affordable car. This 2020 Rio sedan starting price is $ 18000, while the hatchback is slightly higher. If you are looking for an affordable electric car with high performance, this is an ideal model.

10. 2019 Ford Fiesta

2019 Ford Fiesta is a fun drive car with an experience beyond your imagination. What’s more, it’s an affordable car equipped with superior safety features—making it the best cars for teens. The model features a 6.5-inch touch screen, carplay and android auto, Bluetooth, SYNC 3system, and voice activation. Its starting price is $14, 260.