Useless Car Dealership Accessories

Useless Car Dealership Accessories

When you’re buying a car, you’re seldom able to customize every single feature. Most of the time, you’re going to be stuck paying those extra dollars for accessories you don’t actually want and may never use. Dealer add features can substantially increase an auto’s value–but also the price you’re forced to pay for it. Remember, when you visit the car dealer to shop for a new vehicle, you may want to avoid purchasing a car that is loaded with unnecessary–and costly–accessories. The following are among the most useless car dealership accessories to watch out for.

Fabric Protection

Rather than expensive car dealership fabric protection, you might prefer to seek out materials / remedies that have historically served the same purpose but at a reduced cost. You can pay hundreds extra for all the vehicle’s fabric to be chemically treated to guard against stains. But did you know you can actually buy your own fabric protection for about $10 and perform the task yourself? In fact, there are many different fabric protectors that are commercially available. You can protect your seats, flooring, and floor mats for a fraction of the cost the dealers offer.

Window Tinting

In many states, window tinting is actually illegal. Some states mandate that no vehicles can have dark tinting on front side windows. You also need to be aware of how dark the windows can be tinted in your state. Now, the car dealers should know this information, but they may not always be aware. Used cars may come in with window tinting from other states. The fact is, not every buyer is interested in this privacy feature. Some drivers prefer to be able to make eye contact with other drivers or even pedestrians. Window tinting can prevent this and also reduce the amount of light that enters the vehicle; that can be a danger for some drivers.

Rear Seat Entertainment

If you’re purchasing a family vehicle, rear seat entertainment might be a feature you want in your car. But if you don’t have children, this costly feature may be useless to you. Entertainment systems in autos are priced at top dollar. If you do have kids, you may simply choose to bring along a tablet for them to enjoy in the back seat. You can purchase a cheap tablet holder for the back seat and save yourself the high cost of a rear seat entertainment system. If you don’t need such a system, why pay those extra dollars for it?

Extended Warranties

Many car buyers have discovered that some extended warranties are quite useless. While car warranties, particularly those from the vehicle’s manufacturer are important, third-party extended warranties can be a nightmare to contend with should you ever need to make a claim. Moreover, the markup for these warranties can be immense. If you do want to purchase one of these optional features, be sure to do it on your own time—not when you’re sitting in the car dealership. Typically, you’ll have time to decide if you want to pay for this type of thing.

If you do want to purchase something like credit insurance, gap insurance, or an extended warranty, take time to research so you make the right decision for your needs – and budget. Don’t be pressured into making a purchase decision on the spot.

Rear View Camera

Some drivers swear by rear view cameras and have come to rely on them. These features, however, will substantially add to the auto’s price tag. Moreover, they are not must-have features. Drivers have been relying on mirrors for decade upon decade. If you don’t need this add-on feature, ask the car dealer to show you different options so you’re not forced to pay for a feature you don’t need or plan to use.

Floor Mats

Some more luxurious vehicles come with their floor mats included—included for top dollar. Always remember that you can usually purchase these types off add-on accessories for a fraction of the cost a dealer will charge you. If you choose to purchase your own floor mats from your local auto center, you’ll get a better selection too. Floor mats are important because they help reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle, helping you maintain its cleanliness and appearance. However, you don’t have to pay for expensive ones sold by the car dealer.

Extra Keys

Need an extra key or two or remote fobs. The markup for these simple extras is jaw-dropping. Did you know that you can take your key or car remote to a professional locksmith and get the same high-quality items for roughly half the cost? Your car dealership will offer many conveniences, but they charge a premium rate for their products and services. If you’re on a budget, it’s a decided cost savings to go somewhere else to have your keys and key fobs made or programmed.

Nitrogen Filled Tires

Unless you want nitrogen filled tires, don’t let your auto dealer add them on. You’ll pay in spades for this feature that you don’t actually need. For all things related to tires, you’re better off taking your vehicle to a tire store. As with all other dealership extras, the extra dollars are going to rack up the price you pay for the vehicle. The extra cost for nitrogen filled tires can range between $80 and $200 per tire. Plus, many car experts report that it’s just not worth the expense to fill the tires with anything but air. If you have questions about these features, contact your local tire store and discuss the issue with its staff.

Vin Etching

Do you know what it costs the car dealer to perform vin etching on a vehicle? About $25. Yet, it’s not uncommon to find that dealerships charge $400 for this feature. That’s some serious price inflation! Keep in mind that you or your mechanic can perform this task with the help of a $20 kit. Don’t fall for the scam. You can do a lot more with those extra hundreds—like buy gas and pay for future oil changes!

Window Shield Protection

Window shield protection is actually a pretty useful feature—just not at your dealership’s price tag. It’s not uncommon to discover that a rock has flown up and struck your window shield while you’re driving. Small cracks and chips can develop with ease. However, the cost to replace your windshield or repair it is typically less than your car insurance deductible, so you’re forced to pay out of pocket for the job. Instead of purchasing window shield protection from your car dealer, talk to a glass manufacturer or company that replaces and repairs window shields. You’ll get a much better deal as well as the protection you need.

Motorized Seat Belts

Not only do drivers and car riders not need these costly features, many people don’t even like them. Keep in mind that if it’s motorized, it’s more vulnerable to malfunction. Also, if it’s got a motor, the car dealer is going to up that price anywhere from $800 and up. Unless you or a member of your household needs this feature because of a mobility issue, save yourself the expense and just click the belt yourself.

Built-In Navigation Systems

Listen, you’re already paying a small fortune for your smart phone and cell phone service, right? Why pay for a navigation system to the tune of thousands of extra dollars when you can simply ask Siri to navigate your way? Plus, what happens when that navigation system crashes or needs a repair? Avoid it and just use your smartphone to get around.

Who wants to pay top dollar for useless car dealership accessories if you don’t have to? Dealers offer all types of features to entice you into making a purchase, but you have negotiating power. Don’t be sold for items you don’t want or will not use. Do your homework before going to the dealership. Learn about the autos you intend to shop for. Find out about what comes standard and what the extras are. If you don’t want electric windows, tell the dealer you want manual controls. Those electronic windows increase the vehicle’s cost about a $1,000. While many accessories offer some convenience, they are often not worth what you have to pay. You might also be able to find more consumer information online or get some advice from your car insurance provider about these “extra” features.