Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

Pre-purchase Car Inspection

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Almost everyone knows that it is quite a risk to buy a used car. It is understandably exciting when looking at motor vehicles to become enthusiastic but don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Make a point of inspecting the vehicle condition before you decide to sign on the bottom line. Take the time to check whether the vehicle has been ASE certified. Importantly, get a pre purchase inspection done by an expert who has taken the time to check for flood damage. Avoid making any payments until these conditions have been met, especially if the motor vehicle is in another city. While a visual car inspection is advised, vehicle identification is more important to ensure you aren’t buying a stolen car.

Why is a PPI recommended? Getting a pre-purchase inspection report (PPI) done prior to signing on the bottom line is a viable option, before making payment and finalizing the sale. having a mechanic inspecting the car to evaluate its condition is vital to check for safety aspects, mechanical status and its cosmetic status. All of these checks will protect you as the potential buyer from making a purchase that you may later regret.

Who is a PPI expert? The right expert to conduct this pre-inspection vehicle evaluation when considering purchasing a used vehicle will be a qualified, certified automotive technician or mechanic who is familiar with the make and model of the car you’re interested in purchasing. The purpose of obtaining a PPI is to reveal potential faults that may be a safety risk or result in financial losses for the buyer down the road.

When is a PPI suggested? The PPI is advised particularly when the vehicle does not come with a warranty, and specifically when the buyer is trying to purchase a vehicle that is available in another city. In the absence of a valid warranty, all the responsibility of the purchase falls on the buyer. This means the buyer will be solely liable for payment of any breakdowns or the fixing of any faults associated with the vehicle purchased. Going to the effort of obtaining a valid PPI is financially viable.

Car purchase from a distance. If the vehicle is in a different city, the buyer won’t be able to take it for a test drive. This is the right time to make a few phone calls to get an expert to do a PPI on your behalf. You can ask the seller to take it to the mechanic’s business for the necessary testing to be done. The PPI report generated by the expert will provide the warranty that the buyer needs for peace of mind when purchasing a used vehicle from a distance.

Where can the buyer arrange to have a PPI done? Any automotive technician or qualified mechanic who is familiar with the car you want to buy, is suitable to conduct the PPI. There are businesses that focus on providing carfax reports, and are available to make vehicle inspections anywhere you need them to. Simply do an internet search to look for “pre-purchase inspection” to find the right expert for your needs. Local car dealerships or specialty car businesses are also available to conduct in-depth PPIs on your behalf.

What will the PPI cover? Currently there is no standardization for what categories will be covered by the PPI. Typically, the buyer can expect the level of inspection to be conducted that has been paid for. In other words, typical visual inspections will entail inspecting the undercarriage of the vehicle while on a hydraulic lift. Oil leaks and broken parts will be looked for. A road test will be done in a more detailed inspection to determine the safety of steering and brakes. A high-level inspection will involve engine compression checks and a computerized engine analysis.

PPI costs and who is responsible for this? If the buyer wants a PPI done, he or she is responsible for payment. The basic PPI will be between $100 and $200. This price will cover a basic safety and mechanical inspection together with a test drive. When more thorough test drives are required, this price will double, depending on the cost of the diagnostic tests provided by the expert.

In the majority of cases the PPI is expected to be done prior to completion of the sale. In other instances, the pre-purchase car inspection will be a buyer condition for the sale to go through. The seller can use a pre-purchase car inspection that highlights a clean report as a strong selling tool, whereas the opposite will likely discourage a sale. For the sake of fairness, both parties should agree to the circumstances of the inspection before proceeding. To find out more, arrange to have your pre-purchase car inspection done now.