Best Time to Buy a Car

Best Time to Buy a Car

To get the best offer when buying a car; timing is everything. You need to know which is the best day of the month to get yourself a good deal. To first car buyers, the process of securing yourself a great deal tends to be nerve-racking unless it’s black Friday, and the new years models is on offer. Most car buyers invest their time researching for an ideal car in a market flooded with hundreds of options. However, you can turn your buying process into a hassle-free and save some thousands of dollars when you know the best day of the week or time of year to buy a car. Knowing the time of year when sales are slow and salespersons need to meet their monthly, quarterly, or yearly car sale goals is a key to closing a good deal.

Remember, personal finance needs to factor in when buying a car. That’s why you need to strike a deal during the time of year when car prices are the lowest. Statically, new years eve is a good time to buy a car at a good deal. Also, labor day and memorial day are two remarkable days to get a good deal on most affordable cars, especially when they coincidentally happen to be on Monday. Don.t get me wrong, people like window shopping on weekends, and nobody expects you to turn up in a car dealership on a Monday. This will work for you as the salesperson will be eager to make a sale at a discount.

How long should I hold my fire before making my moves? Is it what you are wondering about when you see that car dealer Ad pops up on your screen or when you pass by that car dealership. Buying a car is a significant decision that needs considerable investment; therefore, the process should not be taken blithely, especially when you want to save thousands of dollars.

As a buyer, your ultimate goal is to get a great deal. Folks, colleagues, and family has different opinions on the best time to buy a car. You will get surprised by multiple choices they have; some will suggest you wait until labor day, end of the car’s design, end of the month, fourth July, Presidential day, early on the week, black Friday, and so on. Truth be told, one of the best time to buy a car is that time of year or day of the month when the car dealer hasn’t reached his sales goal.

Why have sleepless nights trying to squeeze your budget on a specific date, holiday, and month? Playing your card right is vital; as a car buyer, here are the ideal options that will give you un up a hand while negotiating a great deal and save thousands of dollars. But you need more than that for a good deal

New Years Eve; A Good Day for A Great Deal

At the end of the year, car dealership tends to be busier; they have yearly and monthly quotas they want to meet. Therefore, they are willing to close a deal with the customer at an attractive discount.

Buying a car on years eve is a good time of year to buy a car. The car dealer wants to hit his yearly sales target goals so that he can receive a fat bonus. As such, he is ready to provide you with a great deal. According to the survey conducted by the TrueCar, as a buyer, you can get up to 8.3% discount from your local car dealership. Just because it is the last day of the month (December) and the car dealer, especially if s/he did not meet monthly or quarterly sales goals, is looking forward to making a kill and achieve the yearly goals with a bang.

Labor Day, Black Friday and Memorial Day

To get a great deal, you do not need to wait until the end of the year. Dealers and automakers usually offer deals great on labor day and memorial holidays as a way of promoting their model. Considering the new model is coming to the market, dealers make a considerable discount on memorial days, which consistently boosts their sales. This is the best time you can receive a great deal.

On Black Friday, the car dealership takes the incentives by offering the vehicle at a slightly lower price to its marked price.

Early on The Week

Having in mind that there are no set rules or assurance when it comes to offering a discount, however, a survey shows that Monday is one particular day of the week when a car dealership has fewer clients, and you have enough time to negotiate your deal and save thousands of dollars.

Apart from that, visiting a car dealer on Wednesday may be the best alternative, it is in the middle of the week, and the expected potential customers’ turnout is still low.

Best Month of the Year

Picking the right month of the year may be the perfect timing for a great deal. Car dealers tend to be easier on the buyer, especially during the three last months of years- October, November, and December.

As mentioned early, car dealers have quotas, that sum up to yearly sales objectives, as such, shopping in April, September, ad December marks the best time of year to negotiate a low price

Equally, the least discounted months are January, February, March, and April. Why so? The sales turnover is slow, which makes the car dealer willing to sell at a lower price. According to the survey, the average amount of discount car buyers can get during these months approximate to 5.7%.

End of the Car’s Design

A car dealer is very ardent when the new model is coming into the market. This is a clean slate for the car dealership to sell the remaining stock and bring in newer models. Occasionally, in August and September, car dealerships make a major decision to bring the new models, making this time of year the best time to buy a car.

The car dealer is willing to give an incentive to the customer for the old models. Looking at the features and the price of the arriving model design and comparing it with the outgoing is worthwhile. Although it occurs on rare occasions, sometimes the upcoming model has a great deal than the previous one.

End of the Car’s Life Cycle

From time to time, the automakers decide to end the production of a certain model. This turns to be a hefty period for car dealers. The downward trajectory on the price of the car keeps going down, and this comes as a blessing to car buyers. This is a good time to buy a car; the car dealer is willing to sell the vehicle at a lower price for a bonus.

Final Thoughts

The best time to buy a car should surely not depend on personal finance alone. Just because you can, you don’t have to storm in a car dealership and take one off the slot without taking your time to negotiate for a good deal. Knowing the ride you want is a good thing, but knowing the time of year to get it at a great deal is even better. Monday is a great of the week to buy a car, April, September, and December are months when a car dealer is determined to meet quarterly sales goals, as such, they are a good time of year to make a great deal.